I'm Good*

Hi. How are you?

I am . . . well. Mostly good?

I feel like that "good" should come with an asterisk, because there is a constant thrumming knot just behind my left temple, full of anger and fear and anxiety about the world. We've got giant parts of Antarctica breaking into the ocean and Congress taking away people's healthcare and I could go on and on and on. And sometimes that anger/fear/anxiety knot stops being in the background and just takes over and on those days I'm unable to do much other than scroll through twitter reading the news and feeling hopeless. Or cry and eat junk food and stare blankly at my television.

So, yeah. I'm good*.

I'm good* because there really are a lot of delightful things happening in my corner of the world! In March, my family traveled to New York City for a bridal shower for my brother's fiance, and we met her family and saw Dear Evan Hansen and braved the cold weather to see the sites.

My brother got married in May, on a perfect day down in Emerald Isle, North Carolina, and now I have a lovely sister-in-law!

The Twins are playing pretty decent baseball and are in contention for the division title in late July.

I've kept not one but two hanging flower pots alive for three whole weeks which is basically a record for me.

I gave the blog a refresh.

I saw Wonder Woman in the theater twice and loved it dearly.

Playing House came back for a near-perfect third season, and The Great British Baking Show has also returned with all of the wonderful baking puns that I've missed so dearly.

There are good things happening with me. And also not-so-good things, because that's life. But it's hard to write about my life when I feel like the entire world is falling apart. I come here and start a post and then all of a sudden I get a breaking news alert and then I just want to rage at the world instead.

But I don't want this space to be about rage. And I also don't want to pretend that everything is hunky-dory. So I end up not writing anything at all because I don't know how to thread that needle.

Going forward, know that each post is written with that little asterisk. Sometimes that ball of constant anxiety is going to move to the forefront. Other times maybe I'll keep it at bay and you'll just get to hear my thoughts on the new television show I've discovered.

Because I'm good*. I hope you are too.